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What Are We About?

This is a very good question. In light of yet another animal abuse case being brought to light in the American society of today, I think it prudent to Approach a warning system which would chronicle the activities of the degenerates committing these atrocities on helpless animals. If we set out to lobby state after state we can effect change by enacting the AAIWS (ANIMAL ABUSE IDENTIFICATION WARNING SYSTEM so that when such a monster is identified his or her face and acts go out nation wide to warn us, and to keep them from having anonymity to hide who and what they are. This would make it hard to continue their horrible acts by simply moving to a new area. We can not stop the abuse and inhumanity with out doing so. I ask only that you join me and that you spread the word.  Share AAIWS with your family, friends, complete strangers, and any other person you can think of. Together our voice is unsilenceable while separately our individual voices are but a whisper in the dark. Make your voices heard.


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Note: If you need to report an animal abuse case, or have something of consequence to add to our works, let us know by emailing us in our official AAIWS inbox.


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This is our plea, our motto, and our cause: "Join Animal Abuser Identification Warning System (A A I W S) today. Help us stamp out the murder and torture of the voiceless innocent.

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  • jeaneen.andretta

    09/11/2014 22:09

    They never stop think about the poor male calves that are left to die and cry for their Mother's love and milk and the Mother cow cries for them all night long. I gave up animals for eating , wearing or entertainment 26 years ago and I never look back. I buy only cruelty free cosmetics: moisturizers and lotions and etc. We are kindling spirits Chazz, thank you my friend for caring so much.Blessing

  • jeaneen.andretta

    09/11/2014 22:06

    Chazz I agree with you, but I have learned to accept the fact that people are selfish creatures that think only of their own pleasure. They never stop to think that an animals-which people are also, we are all animals with souls- is suffering because they want to wear leather shoes or purse or coat. They never think of the suffering these poor cows go through to give them that glass of milk.

  • Chazz

    03/09/2014 00:41

    I just have to voice this. When I see a guy wearing leather it doesn't make me think he is tough, hot, or sexy. I see a coward of a man wearing the skin of a peaceful vegivore who never hurt any other living animal. I see a coward who thinks it is cool to wear the skin of one of the most gentle yet tortured soullessly for no reason what so ever, creatures on the face of the earth, and it pisses me off. I don't see hot, I see a man I simply want to send straight to hell. I find it offensive beyond all words.

  • witchunknown666

    17/04/2014 15:31

    Animal Abuser Identification Warning System now has 403 votes towards this years awards
    and 403 as the total number of votes for all time

  • witchunknown666

    11/04/2014 14:44


  • jeaneen.andretta

    20/02/2014 20:28

    Hi, I have a couple of petitions from PETA but do not know how to put them on this site, can anyone help me?. Thanks Jeaneen

  • elizabeth.nipper

    06/02/2014 06:48

    Just want to say Hi to everyone. Elizabeth

  • jeaneen.andretta

    30/12/2013 21:04

    Hi, everyone! Today I have my Yardley for 9 years, from feral cat to loved and cherished house cat. Just felt like sharing this joyful event. Happy New Year! May your New Year be blessed with love, peace and joy. Blessings and Love. Jeaneen

  • jeaneen.andretta

    25/12/2013 14:16

    To all my friends and fellow members of this wonderful site-Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Blessings, Jeaneen

  • angel.kozza

    25/11/2013 06:53

    Just wanted to stop by and say hi! Sorry I've been inactivate but I've been dealing with some serious health issue. But I've got my puppy to keep me going! This is an awesome site and animal cruelty really needs more attention!!! It sickens me everytime I see another person getting away with it. Or when I walk by a pet store and see all those pups, knowing what conditions their pets are living.

  • wiekus.pienaar2

    21/11/2013 14:02

    This is a very nice site

  • jeaneen.andretta

    18/11/2013 19:29

    Chazz, I would love to invite people, but I can not seem to understand where you put there emails? Sorry for needing my help. Blessings. Jeaneen

  • tabbetha

    17/11/2013 20:46

    I can not believe that this amazing site only has 48 members. am I the only one who has invited at least 50 friends to join here? Chazz have you been asking the members to invite their friends to join us here too? I am just asking because I would have thought a site for animal protection would have had a huge number of members on it. Right?

  • Chazz

    20/10/2013 05:37

    Feel free to invite your friends to join us here. The more members we get, the greater strength we may gain to help the animals who are abused, neglected, or even down right murdered.

  • Chazz

    17/10/2013 21:23

    I am back home and resting

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    Join A A I W S today for the Voiceless Innocent

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Sorry to bother you all but I don´t know where I could talk about this to not offend the person in question. I have a friend who is carnivore and she knows I am vegan right and she posted info on ...


by witchunknown666

06/06/2014 16:59

Offensive Celebrities who wear fur -

Saddly I have stumbled onto a shocking list of stars who wear fur. See the pic below and you will finally understand why that offends me terribly as well as why it should offend us all. I ...


by Chazz

20/05/2014 20:40

We Are Also Here For Human Needs

Click Here To read this important blog. We have much to consider. Hate is a horrible thing but we have to face it to change it. That is my reason for posting the blog: Mom Killed 4 Year Old Son ...


by Chazz

09/04/2014 06:00

Colorado Mink Farm Raided, Forced to Close Owner announces the farm will close after every animal is released at a small Colorado mink farm

Colorado Mink Farm Raided, Forced to CloseOwner announces the farm will close after every animal is released at a small Colorado mink farm "I ...


by rosas.negras

20/11/2013 17:25

Nationwide Outrage Grows Over Gruesome Abuse of “Puppy Doe”

Nationwide Outrage Grows Over Gruesome Abuse of “Puppy Doe” Nationwide Outrage Grows Over Gruesome Abuse of “Puppy Doe”     by Susan Bird f you hate stories about cruelty to animals, give this ...


by Chazz

14/10/2013 17:08

The right To Live

I recently fell under attack on another website. My crime was having expressed my belief in the right for the animals to live instead of being eaten. I spent from Thursday evening until Monday ...


by Chazz

30/09/2013 23:22

Kittens Beaten By Woman And Her Kids

Kittens Beaten By Woman And Her Kids UPDATE: Many readers have asked how they can help Dexter get justice from his abusers. A petition has been drafted by People Against Cruelty asking the ...


by Chazz

23/09/2013 16:49

Dexter The Abused Kitten Dies From Medical Complications

Dexter The Abused Kitten Dies From Medical Complications There is sad news to report about Dexter, the kitten that survived a vicious beating with a baseball bat at a Florida park in June. The ...


by Chazz

23/09/2013 16:40

People Should Know This

People Should Know About This Awful Thing We Do, And Most Of Us Are Simply Unaware While I was watching this, I really couldn't believe the wave of emotion that came over me. A film this ...


by witchunknown666

19/09/2013 21:09

How to Report Animal Cruelty

How to Report Animal Cruelty If you happen to witness an animal being abused or suspect that an animal is abandoned, please call the City of Dallas for help. During business hours you can call ...


by Chazz

18/09/2013 17:51

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Animal Abuser Identification Warning System (AAIWS) was founded by Chazz York on September 9, 2013 at 8:20pm as a group on The York Paranormals. The object of this group was to put an end the abuse and slaughter of innocent animals. Soon after sister groups spread to at least two other networks before he realized that it was going to be necessary to do something more grand than a series of groups to achieve the goal of animal protection on a nattion wide scale. By September 17, 2013 Chazz had found the Mixxt platform and had decided to turn the AAIWS group into a site on Mixxt.

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